Simflex Global pride itself in providing top-notch efficient and quality wholesales trade and customer experience. We aim to provide value-added services to companies with creative solutions that’s makes a difference in our client’s business.

Over the years, we have become a Design and Lifestyle specialist working with partners to create product that meets the market demand.

Having a flexible sourcing strategy can reduce costs and increase efficiency but also serve as a competitive advantage to assist organizations to increase the revenue. Successful sourcing requires a thorough understanding of an organization's business strategy, the resources required to deliver that strategy, the market forces and risks within the organization related to implementing specific approaches.

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Moka Pot DIY

This simple stovetop coffee maker is an espresso-lovers essential. Just fill the base with water and the filter with ground coffee or espresso, and place on any heating surface. Water is forced upward through the Read more…

Hokkaido Crab Dashi

Hokkaido has the highest food self-sufficiency rate in Japan. The vast land, rich nature and unique climate make it very suitable for agriculture, fishing and dairy farming. "Hokkaido dashi series" is a seasoning sauce that Read more…